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Default E90 N55 - Adaption procedure question - 09-23-2021, 10:21 AM

Last time I was at the dealer for what has been a fairly persistent intake manifold pressure code, they were able to clear it by re-adapting the DME.

My SA was kind enough to show me the print out which had the instructions used for the procedure.

Long story short, any time I flash my car (S1+ currently) this code same code comes up (P112F/P28A0) and the car ends up seeing throttle closures during both normal and spirited driving. Then even after I flash back to stock the code will stay present.

Anyway, to save myself a trip to the dealer I figured I’d be able to do this myself… The procedure states "disconnect the tank ventilation valve (purge valve) electrical connector and allow the engine to idle 15 mins"

Would anyone be able to advise if this is the connector they are referencing?showbox speed test

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