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Originally Posted by ferocious
as per my personal experience
With Single turbo setup, and as per my logs & their settings i just revised for you..

map 8, 10cm , and set meth additive to 30 to 35
should get around 18 psi for additive 30 and 20 psi with additive 35.

set your boost safety to 23 or 25

higher than 20 psi.. you need to upgrade fuel system as you stated.. or do a dual nozzle setup.. with dual nozzles running 10cm + 10cm you can reach additive 55 = 26PSI.

Meth trigger = 1
Meth safety =3

so it works on map 8

all settings and figures above are from my 3 year personal experience with Single turbo setups, and worked fine for me and our local N54 guys

you should be good to go.
what's your fuel bias setting for PI ???
are you running with 1 x 10cm meth?
also running with Port injector for E85???
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