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Originally Posted by codesx
I would maintain two different torque wrenches.
The 7.4 ft lb for the valve cover bolts means you would need something that specializes in lower measurement to be accurate... assuming mechanical torque wrenches anyways. I'm not yet familiar with the digital and accuracy range.

I use a 5 to 50~ and a 30 to 250. I would believe both loose accuracy at their extremes, particularly lower extreme.

Curious on the name if I may...
Do you also have a Subaru? What model? Is it modded in any way?
I have a 1/2" Craftsman beam torque wrench that I use for setting torque on lug nuts. But in my mind I look at that as +-5 ft lb since you're really just eyeballing it. I may get another torque wrench to cover a different range like you said.

As for the name, I used to have a 2008 Legacy GT and yes it was modified a bit. ********, boost controller, tune, Koni shocks and Swift springs. Wheels/tires. Nothing too crazy, great car just not as nice as the 335i.

The first half of my name refers to my 1990 Nissan 300zx twin turbo which I got before the BMW and sold the Subaru. Still have it, was modified before my ownership but I got it back in really good shape nowadays. There's always more work to do but I plan on keeping it forever if I can
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