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Default Will this work on N20 EWG? - 09-20-2019, 08:48 AM

Picked this up from a F10 520i owner. I have a few questions which I hope someone could help with:

1. Will this work on my F30 328i N20 with EWG?
2. Can this use the latest firmware? If yes, which one should I flash to? N20_OBDII_PWG_6.hex or N20_OBDII_EWG_6.hex?
3. Can this work with the latest revision of the JB4 connect kit?
4. The harness comes with 4 pairs of connector: rainbow, brown, black and blue. I know for EWG I can skip the blue connectors. How about the black wire connectors?
5. The harness also comes with a ground cable (and I think also a red power cable). Do I need to hook them up? If yes, I assume black to shock tower nut and red to +ve terminal?
6. Anything else I need to make it work?

Attached is a picture my JB4 for reference.

Sorry for all these questions. Really want this to work for my car.
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