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Default 05-01-2019, 10:24 PM

Thank you Gents.

Since this post was create, i now have Stage2 Hybrid Turbos, 2inch Inlets and freeflowing C@tl3ss D0wnp1pes and N20 Sensor.

I have noted in my Logs that most of the values on the graph are jumpy and wavy, not a nice linear line by any means.
I will get a new log this afternoon and send to you guys.
I am on the latest PUMP BEF for IJE0S and latest JB4 revision.

i have attached a Map 2 log from yesterday.
I noticed after i changed to 4th gear my Trims 1 & 2 values separated with Trims1 going to 25, and Trims 2 going mid 40's.
Is this an indication of O2 sensor issues?

I have the FUD = 64 (Disable FF rpm gain)

thanks in advance guys.
Will try a meth log.

As a side note, i figured out that when my trims were crashing to the lowest like first post suggests, i was running 100% meth, and when i had 50/50 mix my trims were in the 35- 40 range, so i think i will go to a 80/20 mix and see how that does again for me.
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