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MFactory Twin Disc

We are pleased to announce that our new batch of Twin-Discs will be ready to ship out this month!

The ultimate clutch kit for the high powered race car, the MFactory Twin-Disc Clutch Kit features a ceramettalic 6-Puck configuration (Non-sprung Race, and sprung Street) that offers unparalleled friction co-efficient and performance characteristics in one single package. Includes a custom-matched MFactory Lightweight Flywheel. Suitable for high performance street, drag, autocross, road racing, pulling, rally and drift upto 800lbs torque

MF-TRS-08E92 - Race Spec (~01/2009)
MF-TRS-08E92s - Street Spec (~01/2009)
MF-TRS-08E92A - Race Spec (02/2009+)
MF-TRS-08E92As - Street Spec (02/2009+)

MSRP for the Twin Discs are $1599.95

Forum Special:
Order your Twin-Disc now and get 30% Discount off your purchase! That's $1119.95 + shipping

Please Note: This is only for those who:
1) Don't mind the noise from the chattering plates/discs
2) Don't mind the stiff pedal feel

During initial break-in (first 1000 miles or so), you will hear increased noise/squealing, but this will gradually disappear as the clutch wears in.

Please PM me to order

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