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Originally Posted by iminhell1
I get the e code also.
Not real happy about it!

datalog --> http://www.***********/u/iminhell1/lo...0&data=4-15-23

This car is a return system as far as I understand. My Focus was returnless. When my pressure logs looked this ****ty I had to tune the PID controller for the pump (gain). All fell in line and I never threw another pump code.
How is the BMW pump controlled?
It's not a returnless system, the stock FPR is in the tank.

Originally Posted by Sikh335xi
Terry may be onto something with Pump Current throwing that code, I recently had my pump power and ground wires melt together inside of the tank. Too much current will cause heat, then all of a sudden I started getting that code and the Idrive message.

I've had that pump in there for damn near 50k miles and one day it died while driving, no low fuel pressure, found the wires melted together.

Since then I've kept an eye on fuel pressure and AFR's and nothing is underperforming.

Someone over at BMS had suggested to me that using the gates hose will clog up the fuel filter on the driver's side and make the pump work pretty hard, but it looks like you have a Fuel It setup.

Idk that might all be useless information but hopefully it helps someone in finding out why this code is being thrown.
Originally Posted by keyap
Have I read that right Wouldn't that be quite dangerous!
Did that happen with a stock pump?

We have seen evidence of a clogged filter on a car that had been running gates hose and E85 for a long period of time. They had multiple failures with that hose prior to switching to our Stage 2. When we found that their tank had a blackish residue in it, they replaced the drivers side filter and we broke the old one apart to find that is was clogged up with black goo. It was pretty nasty and we had to clean out the entire inside of the tank.

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