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Hello guys and i am exited to join this team, I have recently purchased a 2019 Q50 Silver Sport, Right now this car is at 3,500 miles and its been giving me problems, At 3,000 miles my Fuel Injector was broken this was after the installation of my JB4 tune with BMS Cable , i don't know if this happened because of the tune or because it was the manufacturer defect ( The Fuel Injector was replaced) After I have taken the car to the highway full throttling it malfunction icon popped out and the check engine light is on also, I have updated the jb4 with the latest update but maybe i downloaded the wrong update, if you guys could send me the up to date update for this car that would be perfect, also I was just wondering on the data log on how to properly record, do you click start logging before you start moving or while you are moving on 3rd gear before 2,500, because i have tried data logging and after i click stop and view nothing shows. I have been running the car on map 5 with 93 octane but recently went to map 3 because of all the issues ive been having.Thanks again for reading this and hopefully I could fix the issue, other than that it is night and date from stock to this tune.
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