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Passenger and driver side - tried to take from same angle. When standing and looking from each side - it becomes quite obvious that something is "pushing upwards" on the passenger side.

Including two more pics - one to show how raised the cowl is - this is after sitting all night with the hood closed and after morning sun heating up the hood and cowl (should have softened a bit to enable/allow crushing). The other one is the cavity "below" the hood hinge. The photo doesn't do justice for the volume of space between the large wire bundle and the firewall below the hinge stop.

Was thinking about something like pipe insulation with the sticky joining material - you can pick up it in 8-12 foot lengths and in diameters of 1/2 to 1 inch usually. Thinking was to create "bumpers" on each end of the JB4 to protect it from flying around in this cavity. Then using the two remaining holes for zip ties so that it "hangs" below where the hinge stop is located. Only concern is how water tight is the unit? I did rest the unit in this cavity and the bluetooth worked without issue from the driver's position. When I first removed this cowl, there was some water and a ton of dried leaves down there. A few minutes with compressor + air sprayer and the area was clear of debris. I believe the unit to the right is the blower and there's an electrical junction box on top.
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