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Originally Posted by hovik92
Hey guys, I have a couple quick questions before I jump on a JB4 Beta. I currently have a JB Stage 2 but i am only running it as a stage one because my DME harnesses are loose and I am afraid to tap into them. I am considering switching to a JB4 Beta for more power using maps 1 and 2. I have a couple of questions. Will I feel a large difference going from my Stage 1 setup to a map 1 and map 2 On a JB4 Beta? Also, can I run 25-30% e85 mix on Map 2? And does anyone have any dyno sheets on Maps 1& 2? (With or without e85 mix)

Thanks in advance guys. I really appreciate any help.

EDIT***: will a JB4 Beta remove the CEL for ******* down *****?
I currently have the JB4 Beta + BCM. Map 1 and Map 2 for me personally didn't feel that much of a big difference. However, when I added in the BCM and switched to Map 7....well that's a different story...big difference from Map 2...and I also typically run some E85 when using either map 2 or map 7...

There is also a clear code function which I believe will clear CEL when using *********. Might need clarification on that part as I am not sure if it auto clears ALL codes or JUST the codes related to *********
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