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Originally Posted by Drag_n54
Stage 0 or before touching the dme? These are all on map 2. Here are 2 logs from last week
That was exactly what i was looking for, huge thanks!
With my limited knowledge of reading logs i would say that it looks like you might be running a tad to much ethanol, it looks like your fuel pumps cant cope with the inital load just when you go WOT.
Around 3300-3800rpm the AFR increases=runs lean, same tendency is there on both the stock map and BEF at the same RPM-range.
Higher up in the rpm it seems to have been able to catch up though.

However, some questions for someone at BMS.
Its apparent that you have changed the scaling of "Trims".
With the "Race" BEF, what value of "Trims" is maximum, so that one would know that you are maxing it out and are close to the edge.

Also the BEF seems to run a leaner AFR WOT compared to the stock map, how and why is that?
BEF seems to target 14:1-13:1 while the stock map runs around 13,5:1-12:1.

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