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Default 08-27-2017, 09:55 PM

Originally Posted by Excelent

- Dynoed the car at friday. 708 hp. Map 3 E30.
- 1/4 mile at saturday. 11,86 / 118,46 mph ( 4 times under 12 sek.)
- 1 mile today / sunday 164,5 mph

So Im verry verry happy with JB4+ BMC.
JB4+BMC gave 72 hp more than ESS stage II.

One thing more. I did two runs with and without air boxes. The difference was 5 kW. (Around 7 hp). So those intakes which cost over 1000 USD is not worth it.

I have small probleems with JB4. Few times its show me "reduce power".
After few minutes its gone. No fault codes. . This problem happen everytime when you floor it from higher gear to lower gear and its dangerous. If you're just bypassing another car and then its happen. You cant do anything than braking and retreating to your own lane back because you have no power, but if the another car brakes too, there will be some serious problems

Terry can you jump in and tell us what the problem is and corrected our problem. Paul have it too.
Then two more questions.
1. FOL at MAP 6. If I adjust it there. Do it adjust it at each different Map or only at Map 6 ?
2. Boost safety at Map 6. Does it affect at every Map or only at Map 6?
Well done that's flying!
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