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Originally Posted by _ink
I like the fact that most of it is metal pipe, but half of it is OEM sized pipe.

I'm going to sit on the fence with this to see how it compares with the other one coming out.

Do you plan on getting some dyno results vs stock ***** Rob?
Dyno would not show this until the turbo is pushed until last breaths. The best way to test the upgrade would be by flow/pressure drop testing (easiest) or by measuring shaft speeds at same target boost. All in all the point of the upgrade is to avoid the turbo working harder than it needs, to overcome unnecessary and obvious restrictions in and around the charge pipe merger, to meet the same boost target (ie. enhance high-flow efficiency). Specs of all of the affiliated hardware are provided above, if you visualize each data point it is very clear that there is not any restrictions (above and beyond the compressor housing itself) within the parts remaining after this modification.

Originally Posted by Maximum996
So all your cutting and beading is the front pipe? What dimple are you referring too, the front pipe to heat and bend out? What about core front *****, send a cut/beaded front pipe and we send back original for the people not willing to modify the front on their own...
The intent is to really just offer a quick cheap universal upgrade to those who are interested to perform the mods themselves. We are not really interested in doing the mods for others, however it the demand is there we may work something out to those interested. We can discuss methods to get it done as needed when the time comes. Of course for those who want to do nothing we would have to send them core ***** and get their old back for refund. Overall it is a very simple process to just do in the field, but we would be bead rolling the front pipe after cutting it and removing the dimple.


See for N54 Twin Turbo Bolt-On upgrades, or contact directly 314-630-8950 for a price quote.

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