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Default 08-27-2015, 10:04 AM

Originally Posted by Simmi15
It would be Great if you sold a total Stage 2 turbo kit(inlets, hotside CP, turbos) cause you mine as well just take my credit card number now. Will this Hotside CP be in the stock locations? I have AWD and I wonder if my front axles will get in the way of this upgrade.
You must be a fortune teller! Much more to come than just that as well.

As for the hot side modification in this thread yes it will work with any N54 to the best of my knowledge. The only wildcard will be as always Intercooler choices and how they configured their respective hot side interface. I am saying that just to be forthright, as it could be another factor, not to generate a bunch of questions about every possible Intercooler compatibility. We have configured the sample to accommodate numerous styles to the best of our ability for now. So please all be patient for further answers in that regard.

Originally Posted by Dvo0208
Looks fantastic! Can't wait.
Yes sir. Me neither and it is off today!

See for N54 Twin Turbo Bolt-On upgrades, or contact directly 314-630-8950 for a price quote.
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