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Originally Posted by Seaz

I just installed a JB4 B58 on my brand new X3 m40i G01 , I believe im the first

Vag motorsports in laval did the install. I will be getting the Bluetooth attachment next week

So far so good, no issues, the car seems nice and fast, but I have a few questions

1- I don't have dash control access, wondering when that's coming for the digital dash. ?
2- Will be releasing an update that will take into account any changes to the b58 for the x3, since stock its rated at more HP than in a 340i?
3- I also dont have access to a dyno, I would be curious to know if Burger is planning to do a dyno test on a x3 to report numbers and also update its website with the info that its compatible with x3 m40i 2018+, right now it doesn't let people know
4- given the small changes in stock power numbers, any suggestions on map choice for 91 oct and also for 93oct
Nice to see an X3 M40i lol.
You should get Dragy the GPS Performance Meter to really see your stock 0-60 and 1/4 mile as well as your tuned one

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