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I just installed a JB4 B58 on my brand new X3 m40i G01 , I believe im the first

Vag motorsports in laval did the install. I will be getting the Bluetooth attachment next week

So far so good, no issues, the car seems nice and fast, but I have a few questions

1- I don't have dash control access, wondering when that's coming for the digital dash. ?
2- Will be releasing an update that will take into account any changes to the b58 for the x3, since stock its rated at more HP than in a 340i?
3- I also dont have access to a dyno, I would be curious to know if Burger is planning to do a dyno test on a x3 to report numbers and also update its website with the info that its compatible with x3 m40i 2018+, right now it doesn't let people know
4- given the small changes in stock power numbers, any suggestions on map choice for 91 oct and also for 93oct

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