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Iím in process of finishing my n54 for my n52 swap. I thought about this also, Iíve heard all the bad with this engine, I figured Iíd do stage one turbos, wp, all new gaskets, pullies, done some small upgrades, besides going fbo. So this leads to the same question, my motor was a one, woman owner 60k on the clock. This engine was dry, with a few newer injectors from 08. Since I had it out, for piece of mind, I done all the baskets, blasting, complete oil pump cleaning blew out all the cylinder, new everything. I also wanted to do rods to since I was in there, kinda glad I did. I found that the uppers do take more of the load, they were even, but worn. The lowers were in good shape with minimal wear. I finished them off with a set of ARP bolts, be very careful how you torque these, do not use Bmw spec, or Arp. I found good info on another site, this op took in all the considerations when he done his. There is mixed opinions on bearing replacement without pulling a crank, if your knowledgeable and done this before, then youíll know the answer, lol. There is a huge piece of mind knowing that , if this is done correctly, with care, and patience, youíll never have to worry for quite some time.
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