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Originally Posted by jturboawd
Youíre close. I send you a spool mode disabled firmware but it doesnít look like you need it since at max throttle itís not putting wgdc at 100 like mine does. Default pid gain is 25 and youíre at 15. Typically you keep at 25 until smoothing curve and then can tighten. You looks close. I would move ff down 10-15 and let it learn up and go from there. If you get bad boost spikes then disable spool mode.
Something weird happened today. I was at about 75mph cruising in 5th, manual mode. I gave it a little more than half throttle to pass someone and when I let off the gas it jerked pretty aggressively. Got a Drivetrain Malfunction for "1F0526 DME internal error: monitoring torque comparison" and hitting the gas did nothing. Tried to clear codes while driving but couldn't. Checked what map I was in and the JB4 said "invalid nap selection" and it magically ended up on Map 1. But when I checked the logs while this was happening it says I was still in Map 6. I had to pull over, restart the car, clear the codes, and switch back to Map 6.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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