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Default 02-01-2018, 10:22 PM

Originally Posted by 335xiRT1
here are datalogs, Map 0,1,2 are without TBi,
map 6 is with TBi
I'm able to run more boost while keeping afr down, timing seems low but its been real cold here and dme bt are high, so low timing is suspected
Your Map 6 log looks pretty bad. It's not necessarily unsafe (since your AFR is rich and stable after 5k RPM), but it just looks bad regarding Boost, DME BT, and AFR. You're getting a huge throttle closure at 3.5k RPM. I usually see this when I haven't adapted enough runs, or if I'm not running enough boost.

I would try adapting with more runs first, then if they seem safe, try running 1-2 PSI more.

You're running EWG wires, correct?

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