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its been a while, ive been making a bunch of changes and doing tons of datalogs to sort out this tbi kit. so far logs look decent I think, considering its been 30 degrees here in NY. Don't think bigboost put much thought into this kit for stock turbo, he wasn't much help tuning it.
here is some things ive learned along the way, along with some notes about the kit:

You have to cut the vacuum line on top of the intake manifold to get boost pressure for hobbs switch.

the tee I got with the kit was the wrong size, told BB, was never sent a new one, but was easy fix from local home depot

I adjusted the hobbs switch to go off at 13psi

I replaced the single nos fogger to a DO7 meth nozzle for better atomization

the stock d@wnpipe had to go back on the DME couldn't handle the extra boost surge with the aftermarket d@wnpipe, I was getting throttle closures

the car hates e85, I'm running straight 93

FF wires are not needed, makes it harder to tune

t12 firmware helped out a lot with the extra boost

here are datalogs, Map 0,1,2 are without TBi,
map 6 is with TBi
I'm able to run more boost while keeping afr down, timing seems low but its been real cold here and dme bt are high, so low timing is suspected
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2017 340i JB4/ BB TBi/ intake
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