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Originally Posted by LessIsMore
Ah, didn't realize you were a 2-year expert.

I wasn't talking specifically about the bigboost kit for B58, have no knowledge/interest in them. I have the Fuel-It TBI for N54 so very familiar with how/when TBI's operate.

Just your comment that TBI wouldn't work because of IPW. Saying that shows you have a misunderstanding of the fuel system. Trims (reflection of how much fuel DME commands to injectors) will normally go down with TBI active. If not you likely have it installed wrong or adjusted poorly.
Itís more complicated on the b58. Iíve spoken to Steve from fuel it and weíre gonna need to change a few things with a backend flash or trick a few sensors on the b58 to use its fuel system for additional fuel. The car wants to maintain a certain afr and when more fuel gets dumped into it it seems as if the dmebt gets wonky from what he explained to me.
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