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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
So far I like it. It's like driving a pocket size M5. Has the same sounds, DCT nuances, and overall feel. Definitely likes to rev. I was hoping for more displacement of course but if we can squeeze say 530rw out of it with E85 tuning down the road I think I'll be very happy with it. The M5 @ ~670rw is an absolute blast. With a ~4350# vehicle weight it falls around 6.5lb/hp. Now with the M3 at ~3550# with ~530rw this car should be on par. If we can get it up to 530rw...

As far as power output currently, let's compare it with our 2011 N55 Vargas turbo car. That car runs ~21psi peak but ~19psi at higher RPM, and with 7-8 degrees of advance produces around 475rw using E85 and meth.

This engine is the same displacement, a more efficient cylinder head and intercooler system, a more efficient trans, runs around ~20psi peak at higher rpm, and around 3-4 degrees advance.

On paper it seems to me it should fall right around 475rw on 93-94 octane. But until we test it I can only speculate. For all we know it will seriously disappoint at 425rw. But with a $76k sticker price I really hope not!
Lol awesome man can't wait to see the future numbers enjoy
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