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Originally Posted by Mtwotreefif
I have a good bit of experience tuning and flashing cars, motorcycles and side by sides. I even went to the EFI University. This phone App flashing is new to me. I learned a few things and thought I would share for others that might run across similar issues.

1. I couldn't figure out how to "turn on Future Use D", or "FUD" as I later learned. It wasn't until I found an obscure post that the JB4 app needs to be connected to the JB4 for the toggle to show up to change it. I asked on several posts with no replies.

2. When I tried to flash the MHD flasher. It would start the process, erase sector 1 and begin to write and it would freeze at 0 or 1%. I tried different OTG cables, different K Dcan cables, different devices. I even bought a new Galaxy tab. Nothing worked. My DME was semi-bricked and the car wouldn't start. I emailed MHD. Triple checked my steps to flash. I finally found the problem when I switched out a battery charger. I had it hooked up for several days, then switched to one that had a percentage readout. It only read 67% after several days on the charger with the battery unhooked from the car. I tested the battery and BAM, bad battery. I had no idea it was bad. That is why the flash would freeze.

Once I got a new battery. I still couldn't get it to work on my Samsung S8+ with the Bimmergeeks cable and OTG adapter cable. It would say "Failed to authenticate Coding could not be read" then "Failed to write the DME. Coding could not be read". Once again I emailed MHD. Turns out when I originally tried to flash the car with my rooted Amazon Fire 10 tablet and a BMS cable, the car's VIN.bin file was on the Fire tablet and not the Samsung phone. After spending an hour learning how to transfer files from a Fire tablet to a phone, it finally worked!

So, make sure your battery is good. What ever device you use to start the process has the VIN.bin file you need to complete the flash.

I have since loaded MHD and BMS BEF. I alos did the XHP TCU flash. What a difference. This thing is BA.

Hope this helps someone.
Actually the vin is stored on the google act. So as long as you aign into the phone with the same google act u can flash from any device. I flash from both my s10 n s8
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