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Originally Posted by Dave @ BMS/Fuel-It!
Do a few more WOT - log the 3 or 4th
Here you go sir.

Screen shot is of the fourth gear pull, but there are two third gear pulls before it.

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Current log analysis - I think they are good. Just worried about the initial lean condition.

What I'm seeing here is that when the port injection comes in, the car tries to take fuel out (is this normal?) Is there any impact to the fuel trim transition if I change the Meth PSI parameter? Example, bring the secondary in sooner or later. Is the HP fuel parameter and LP fuel pressure being lowered as a function of the secondary port injection coming on? I assume this because my AF ratio's then come into check. With regards to the port injection and the trims, am I doing too deep of a dive here and should I not worry about the initial lean condition due to the lower engine RPM's? I just get worried when I see lean conditions - scary stuff.

Thoughts on the original issue; and by all means, please correct if I am off base here.

My summation of the original lean condition is that I was running too heavy of an ethanol mixture and maybe too high of target boost pressure on the VTT hybrids (they're essentially stock turbos). My fuel pump couldn't meet demand throwing it into a lean condition. The logging seems to support this. Focusing in on my average ignition being .1 with 50% E85, my conclusion is I don't necessarily need more E85.

And I need to work on my map 6 fuel bias and duty bias(boost often overshoots).

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