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Default Fuel Supply error - engine shut down 535i Walbro 450 F90000274 - 05-23-2019, 12:03 PM

After installing Walbro 450 F90000274 I have had "Fuel Supply" error pop up on idrive and then a few seconds later the car shuts down completely after a drivetrain malfunction error. It does crank/no start, and will not restart until I wait about 5 minutes and it restarts and drives fine.

I'm getting the code from JB4 - cylinder injection shutdown: too low pressure in the high pressure system.

This has occurred to me about 5 times now in the past few months, mainly just driving easy around my neighborhood. This last time on the highway and luckily I was able to coast off an exit.

Is this EKPS LPFP control module issue? If so is it programming issue or does it require replacement? If replaced with a new one is it PNP or does it require programming?

Thanks in advance for your help.

2012 F10 535i 6MT:
Pure Stage 2 Turbo, GFB DV+, MHD JB4 BEF, Phoenix Racing PI Intake Manifold with 550cc injectors & BMS Controller, Walbro 450 LPFP, VRSF D*, CP, G-Plus FMIC, M5 Mufflers, 550i Clutch, E85 Blend (E40)

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