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Default 05-09-2019, 11:24 PM

Originally Posted by rickz96

Car is running the following mods and for the most part runs pretty good, but lately it has been inconsistent and getting AFR lean error.

Relevant components replaced within last 5000 miles
  • 2008 535Xi 6M
  • EKPS module
  • HP injectors (index 12)
  • HPFP
  • LPFP sending unit
  • two heat range colder NGK plugs
  • verified and reset adaptations of fuel system using INPA per Dave's Fuel-IT instructions
  • Delphi coil packs
  • pre-*** O2 sensors

Bolt on - upgraded items installed
  • VTT Stage 1 hybrid with billet compressor
  • VTT inlets and outlets
  • Phoenix Racing charge pipe
  • Phoenix Racing E chassis race FMIC
  • Turbosmart Raceport BOV
  • Performance Fueling Solutions Port Injection with BMS controller
  • DM400 LPFP
  • RB upgraded PCV Valve
  • 3.5bar TMAP
  • JB4 with hybrid E85 PI BEF with latest firmware and 2019 BEF files
  • sans kittie's d0wnp1p3's
  • BMS anti lag and NLS
  • Fuel 100% E85

Some quick background:

After the above mods were installed last summer (original post for log review after mods), the car seems to run pretty well and doesn't have any major issues. I usually run map 6 and posted a respectable 11.8 @ 118 using Dragy in the cold wet with slight snow. I realized that the LPFP is running at the edge of it's limits (100% E85) and am planning on adding an additional fuel pump.

In March I started chasing a misfire. That started this round of issues and part of the reason I changed most of the items above. During this time I also realized that my EKPS was going again (number 3). This time I used Oceans mod of adding a aluminum heatsink - see how that works out. Once the EKPS, HP injectors and the coil packs were changed the car didn't run right. That's when I re-flashed with BB, reset JB to default values and performed Dave's Fuel-IT validations/reset adaptations (4/12/19).

*** OK, Sorry for rambling but I felt the information should be helpful and relevant and might help accelerate diagnosis.***

After the above re-flash of BEF the car ran well without error. I reviewed some random log files and saw data backing up the fuel pump upgrade. Important fact, no fail safe. of last weekend the car started going into fail safe. I switched the car to map5 thinking it would help the situation by lowering boost targets and autotuning, but that wasn't the case and the issue persisted. So I was able to capture a log of it and I am seeing some weird numbers. Starting at time stamp 282 I go full throttle and I notice my AFR is out of whack, but my fuel pressures are good. Finally, please take note of the few runs earlier in this log file where there were no issues with AFR (timestamps) 127, 154 and 191.

Any thoughts from the experts?

Attached are the csv and a screen shot of the 100% throttle at 282
I see where the AFR goes out of whack & I also see where it looks “ok”

Your last stored safety was “2” so you went to map 4 due to an AFR lean issue

How old are the O2s? I saw them on the list of maintnece you listed above.

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