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Default B58 JB4 pull codes error/no stats - 03-24-2019, 06:03 PM

Hi all,

I installed my new JB4 in my 2018 M240i, and I have two issues.

First issue is that I have no stats in the Android phone app showing in the gauges, other than Map # and boost pressure. I don't get anything at all for RPM, temps, gear, etc... should I be?

Second issue is when I go to pull codes I get "Invalid read. Please try again." I tried with both a PC and the Android app via the JB4 USB cable. Car was turned onto electronics only, with the engine off. I had a CEL I wanted to check and had to use my plain old OB2 scanner to pull it because I couldnt pull from the JB4. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks! Please let me know if you need any logs. I have the firmware labeled 'BMW_B48_B58_OBDII_9'.
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