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Originally Posted by Jason @ BMS
The JB4 logo on the gauge screen/app is for when people post screen shots, photos, or videos of the app or gauges we can advertise JB4. It's a marketing thing more than a user awareness thing.

Originally Posted by brancky3
Not sure this is possible, but it would be cool if the app would automatically apply a watermark on screenshots for this reason. As long as the logo doesn't take up any real estate from the gauges there would be no concern for it being there
I'll see if I can detect the default screenshot action and edit the image (unlikely). Another option would be an app-wide screenshot gesture (4 taps for example). With that functionality I could capture the screenshot inside the app and add the watermark myself then save to the appropriate location.

Originally Posted by Jason @ BMS
Layout with 7 gauges.
Doable. Really I need to allocate some time to just sit down and get a customizable grid layout knocked out.

Originally Posted by InKcmob
Completely concur that having them skinned as bimmer dials would be nice.
This seems like a pretty popular request.

Originally Posted by MRC-5.56
any way to make an option to custom color each of the 6 gauges? For example I would like to have most the amber color but do boost gauge green and IAT gauge blue etc..
Doable. Depending on how this upcoming theme takes shape I may go ahead and add it in if it looks right.

Originally Posted by codesx
Just a note - my use is 100% horizontal. I'm not sure what is most common.
I'm actually quite happy with my 6 dials. So long as I don't loose this I'll continue to be happy.

- However -

My car is parked and un-powered for the winter or I'd check the following; (described colors would be background of gauge, maybe inter 2/3, leaving the outer (with the numbers) unchanged)

- Can the AFR gauge turn yellow/red as the values creep towards the un-ideal? (prior to kicking to Map 4)
- Boost be Green unless more than 2 PSI off Target for more than 2 seconds?
- IAT go red if over a user defined threshold
- Trans, Water, Oil have a yellow (warming), green (ideal) and red (too hot)

Really being creative, of the 6 gauges on screen, maybe have the two on the right side (horizontal) only show DME parameters that are starting to go outside of ideal boundaries, but have still not triggered the Safety Map.
So, if the LPFP value is getting within 5% of triggering the Safety Map, have that gauge pop-up on the right in yellow, or even blinking? (on for 4/5 of a second, off for 1/5 of a second, repeating)

This type of action could help reduce the time looking at the log, and only doing so if we see thresholds breached.

So, User Definable Thresholds for each Parameter, where it turns yellow(/red) on breach. Further, the option of having a background monitored values be brought to the foreground on threshold breach. (pre Safety Map being triggered).
I only really use the app in landscape mode as well. The 6 gauges won't be going anywhere.

The color changing gauges based on safety are already implemented in iOS. We'll see how this theme goes. If this one ends up working with that feature, I'll add it into Android at that time as well.

Individual gauge flashing to show a warning is a good idea.

I have some audible safety alerts mostly coded up for iOS that I never got around to releasing so it may be a good time to bring that back as well (including Android users). The update for this theme looks like it's going to be pretty extensive.

Originally Posted by TwistedX
It wont let me upload the pic of what I would like, can I email/PM it?

**edit, was able to zip it
I like the idea of being able to move/scale the tab/connect/logging buttons along with the gauges. This would make it a completely user-definable display page.

Originally Posted by Ritter
I would like to see the ability to have multiple pages for gauges. swipe left and you have another page of six gauges. this way you can monitor many parameters not just 6. also what about a volt meter, calculated hp and torque? similar to the boost gauge with saving max record with double tap to view and reset.
Multiple pages shouldn't be too hard to implement with this.

JB4 Mobile can only display parameters that the JB4 outputs at this time. To request more params, you'll need to reach out to Terry.

Regarding HP and TQ, I'll have to play around with it a bit more.

Originally Posted by codesx

Speaking of double-tap for max;
Max boost should not reflect the momentary spike when you let off the gas, just prior to the boost being vented.
Max boost is always a lie, and this makes me sad.
I can modify the logic for that to not consider any values for Max Boost unless the pedal is being pressed. Email me and we'll see if I can get that fixed up quick.

Looks pretty clean. I like the simple gauges to the right of the main center one.

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