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Originally Posted by trebila
constructive criticism is always good, of course.

but what I don't understand from you is that you criticize my tune with slower 1/4 miles times than with OTS ones, whereas you specified when we started working on your tune that you were not looking for performance anymore, but for a 100% E85 tune, so automatically lower boost than with E60-E65 you were previously using, not fair.

Anyway, you experienced a misfire on the highway with one of the first revision, my bad, and since this, the confidence between us wasn't there anymore.

I never refund because a customer get a misfire, this is not a big deal, but you feared because it was on the highway.

this never happened anymore after, but you were not confident anymore, and not really volunteer too, this is how I felt things.

Sorry if you didn't find what you were looking for with me.
but again many others S55 customers are completely satisfied with my work.
David, I'm not sure if I'd even consider what I've said as direct criticism of your custom tune against other properly working OTS tunes. I believe you mentioned earlier that you hope I find what I'm looking for with another tune or tuner, and I simply replied with what I was able to accomplish with not one OTS tune, but two: BMS and BM3.

Your tune was never 100% functional, so it's hard for me to compare it against other properly working tunes. If my goal was to simply make your tune look bad, then I would've said something like the average 1/4 mile time with your tune was 17-18 seconds (peak 20 seconds), because that was the amount of time it took for the car to limp to the finish line.

And you know I'm not making any of these up. These are facts based on actual experience with your tune.

As for the highway misfire, I hope you're not attempting to downplay the incident, because I was driving normal in Efficient mode at about 50-60mph when the car decided to randomly shutdown on the highway. I don't believe it was a simple misfire, but rather the car entered a critical failsafe condition, because the engine wouldn't even start or hold idle afterwards.

You did not only put me in a really dangerous situation, but also kept me stranded on the side of the highway for about an hour, and I was on my way home from picking up dinner for my family on an early Sunday evening. I had to call BMW Roadside Assistance to explore my towing options, but ultimately, I was able to flash back to the BMS E85 BEF to get me home safely.

This is when I sent a calm e-mail explaining what had just happened, and politely requested for either a partial or full refund, to which you quickly said NO! I'm not sure what your refund policy is, but my guess is you'd only consider a refund when the engine blows up, or if the car somehow gets into an accident. And no, I did not lose any confidence whatsoever, because as promised, I resumed with your tuning experiments after taking a month off with 3 additional revisions.

When I first inquired about your services, I recall explicitly asking if you could improve upon Terry's E85 BEF, to which you said yes. From there, I shared all my previous data logs, dyno sheet, and 1/4 time slip. What I don't recall is asking for an E70 or E60 tune when my e-mail was about an E85 tune.

I'm not sure what your awareness level is like with competing and more reputable S55 tuners, but there are a handful of S55s running 580whp to 600+whp on a full E85 tune with the factory turbos and stock fuel system. I also recall you saying that there's not much you can do on full E85, and that I would need to go the PI route to achieve higher power levels.

Anyway, I hope it's clear for everyone reading this that your tuning abilities on the S55 is nowhere near the level of your tuning abilities with the N54/N55. You keep saying that you have plenty of other S55 customers, when there's really only two of us here on this forum.

Despite my nightmare experience with your tune, I wish nothing but the best for you and future S55 customers. I hope you get better at tuning the S55, so they don't have to go through the same issues that I went through.

2017 M3 ZCP
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