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Default Now that I know what to look for...It's easy! - 11-27-2017, 12:03 PM

I never even heard of a hex file...LOL...But now that I've been reading through the threads I'm starting to understand a few things. Basically I just want the car to have a little more power, less turbo lag and be reliable...I have the BMS intake and JB4 running 93 octane fuel from Costco on Map 3 and the car feels great. I tried Maps 1 and 2 also...Map 1 is very good, Map 2 seems to hit a wall and just feels slower than Map 1 but Map 3 feels the best to me and the car just pulls and pulls and feels faster than the other maps with no lag or down side. I wish I knew why but I'm not a rocket scientist LOL...
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