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Default 01-28-2015, 12:33 AM

Originally Posted by Pure Turbos
Yes, we started test fitting it on our N55 last week. It needs to be modified to fit, but it's not too hard. Mostly some chamfers to clear the N55 head casting. It's not official yet. We haven't completed fitting the kit. We are planning on feeding the fitment info back to Terry so he could develop a N55 kit if he wants.

The best part of all this: The S55 runs the same intake manifold as the N55. Therefore this kit may be able to adapt to the S55 as well!!! This could be huge for us.

Steve: start working on a S55 LPFP upgrade?
We've just been waiting for the platform to reach the point that the upgrade was needed.

We already offer an E85 ceritified Stage 2 pump assembly for the F-series that BMS is running on their 435i. It should be good for about 600whp on 100% E85, obviously more at lower E concentrations.

We have not seen the F82 LPFP in person yet. On Realoem it looks the same as the F3X but obviously has a different part number. That stock pump is tiny so they may have just spec'd a different pump for the same assembly. If they did, we can get our Stage 2 out to you anytime. When the time comes to bump it up to a Stage 3...that'll take a lot more R&D since the design is completely different than that of the E-Series.

If you're ambitious, you could remove the access cover to the LPFP, snap a pic, and send it to us at'll give us a good idea.

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Video of our Stage 2 LPFP upgrade installation.

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