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Default 04-11-2022, 10:29 AM

Meth Safety Mode:

0 - Raise boost as a function of meth flow & historic timing (default)
1 - Raise boost as a function of meth flow only
2 - Start at high boost target and reduce IF flow drops below flow level for 1 second under boost.
3 - Start at high boost target and disable all safety systems. Meth flow is completely ignored.

Meth Trigger Mode:

0 - Meth flows on maps 3, 6, and 7 (default operation)
1 - Meth flows on all maps
2 - Meth flows on map 3 only
3 - Meth is disabled on all maps
4 - JB4 bypass with meth control

Set scaling to 60, min boost to 6 or 8, and additive to 50 to start if running map 3.

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