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Default CEL and Code P00A8 after removing JB4 - 05-15-2022, 03:26 PM

I have been running my JB4 for about a year, and absolutely love it. However, there are several recalls on my car, plus I'm having an issue with my AC, so I need to take it to my local MB dealer to have warranty work done. I removed my JB4 earlier this week and then buttoned everything back up so that i can schedule my service appointment. However, when I started the engine, I got a check engine light. According to my OBD2, the code is P00A8 $07e8. Supposedly this is an Intake Air Temperature Sensor. I don't see what this sensor has to do with the 4 connections I had to change when I removed the JB4. Does anyone know what i might have missed when I removed the JB4 that could trigger this CEL and code?
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