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Default JB4 in my BMWs and now for New Bronco?? - 10-31-2021, 07:40 PM

I have owned a 2007 335 (N54 that started it all ) and now a 2015 M4 (F82). Both vehicles had/have JB4. I have always been very happy with the performance they gave, ease of use, and ease of install. I am one of those 200,000 Bronco reservation holders that should finally have my Bronco any day (being shipped). This is my first Ford and I knew there were tuning options for their twin turbo 2.7L, but had no idea JB4 had a product for it as well. I just assumed BMS was still mostly BMW... . Anyway, I was over at various tuning companies, including 5 star tuning, when I saw they sold JB4 for 2.7L Bronco.

Has anyone tried a JB4 on a Bronco yet? Based on this board, folks are installing it to there F150/Raptors but I thought each vehicle has a different setup (based on how other tuning companies are selling there products). Just wanted to make sure it is fully compatible with the actual 2.7L Bronco setup. If so, how do you like it
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