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Originally Posted by ruskiracer
Fastest 60-130 time on this platform was set using a jb4 so thats not really the restriction its just dialing it in properly. Weird thing is when I put a jb4 on my car with just a generic bef that I got on here. It rips so much harder once port injection kicks in. What map are you using ? Some people are just haters and will pay 400 for a custom tune because they don't wanna tune there own car nor learn how to. And then make uneducated comments that make no sense
Right now I'm using Map 6, because I have custom settings that Terry worked with me to set. But it was all about getting the boost and boost target aligned, and the same with FF and WGDC. It really wasn't at all about getting the most power out of it. And while we accomplished aligning those things, it's just not really powerful anymore.
I really don't understand why they have a Full Map for 13psi and ANOTHER Full Map for 14psi, but NOT a Full Map for 20psi or 24psi??? At the very least I would expect, and even prefer Maps for lower end ~13psi, mid end ~17psi and a high end ~22-25psi. It just doesn't make complete sense to me how it's laid out. But I'm sure Terry has his reasons, as he's a bright guy.
I'm definitely one to want to learn how to tune my own car, but some of the write-ups on specific settings are a little ambiguous. I do have a few questions for you, like are you still using flat "50's" on your fuel bias, or have you changed that to custom settings? What about the other settings like PID GAIN or FUEL OPEN LOOP? Thanks for you reply.

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