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Originally Posted by chrisc3
You had a custom tune specifically made for your car and you got rid of it for a piggyback....
What do you mean, "had"??? I didn't get rid of it, I just tried something different. I can put it back in anytime I choose to. There's no need to be a smart ass. I'm trying to figure out if I can use a JB4 for the safety and off the cuff changes, and you didn't add anything of relevance to the conversation. And I'm not going to just give up just because it's not perfect after the first try at tuning it with the JB4/BEF. I didn't jump on your thread smirking at you for totally screwing up your HPFP, did I?
I can always go back to the custom tune, and revive the monster with a couple of clicks. If you don't want to help, that's fine. But you can keep your smart ass remarks to yourself, as they aren't benefiting anyone, and you should concentrate on your own problems which are much worse than mine.

2009 E92 335i: M-Performance exhaust, VRSF ***less DP's & upgraded inlets/outlets, Upgraded Turbos Hexon RR600s, VRSF 7.5" FMIC, aluminum Charge Pipe; Forged aluminum Diverter Valves w upgraded Yellow Springs, Walbro 450 LPFP, Spec Stage 3+ clutch w SMFW, Custom welded RB external PVC w ported & polished heads from Motiv, 3.5 Bar TMAP, BMS dual OCC's, BMS cowl delete filters & DCI's, Index 12 Fuel injectors, M3 suspension, KW v3 coilovers. JB4 G5 with MHD BEF tune.

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