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Default 2018 8v2 S3 Fuel pump not priming (Intermittent issue) - 12-13-2021, 12:59 AM

Originally Posted by Raks9201
Hi George

I installed the jb4 in my Audi s3, I noticed after the install my car won't start sometimes with the first turn. Note I don't have the keyless option and have to physically turn the ignition. I noticed this happens intermittently and seems to only has happened on maps 3/4/6 & 8. It will just hang like there is no petrol, not the same noise you hear when the battery is flat. I switched into Map 0 this morning and I am waiting to see if it happens again.

Have you ever come across this fault before? If yes why and what is the solution?

Warm Regards,
Hi George

I think I prematurely agreed that this problem was rectified. After changing the fuel loop to 45 I still got the starter issues after a while. I then ran the car on Map 0 for around 2 months and the problem disappeared completely. After changing it to map 1 on the weekend everything thing ran fine initially until the same issue started again. It seems to start fine in the morning however after a short drive and stop, on the restart, it had a hanging starter like there is no fuel. Once I turned off and tried again it started again. Please assist me, I hate not having my jb4 on.

Warm Regards,
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