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Cool Update - 10-17-2021, 01:02 PM

Car is a 2015 A3 With the 2.0 and yeah stock plugs Iíve personally never seen a tip come off a plug too! Cleared the codes no more codes for the missfire,
I can upload a YouTube vid if you want to see the sound itís making
it itís kinda crazy for only 49k
Question for you guys when I take this car to Audi for warranty work should I keep the new plugs I put in and keep quiet that a plug failed?
Say ďcar was missing so I tryed new plugs and noticed that it was making a sound tooĒ? (Having the girlfriend take the car in)
My biggest struggle right now is finding a used stock DP
Right now the car had a ******* down pipe and I would think that Audi would flag the work and not cover the issue if they see the ***************
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