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Default 02-19-2018, 02:41 PM

22 Hours later, turbo is in! Your guide was a great resource! The only thing I neglected to do right off the bat is removing the water pump.

I didnt have replacement one-time use bolts at the time and didnt want to take the pump off. I stubbornly thought we could get around the water pump for the install... I still think we could have done it but it was a huge pain in the ass with the pump in the way.

Eventually I took the pump off and good god did it make the install easier. I also disconnected the sway bar and the steering rack to move them out of the way as much as I could.

The only Issue I had with the install is the O-Ring on the coolant return line from the turbo got broken off somehow, It was dripping coolant till we removed it and put a new O-Ring on it.

Once we removed the line it pissed fluid ALL over the subframe and anything under the turbo, it made a huge mess. I cleaned it up as good as I could.

Once we drove the car around I saw more coolant on the subframe when i got back to the shop but none near the line that was the cause of the problem so i think this must have been residual coolant that was sitting in a place that i couldnt reach and the turbulance from the wind in the engine bay may have gotten it from its resting place or something. No oil leaks so far so I think I lucked out.

When I ran the car I went WOT 3 times after it was warmed up and it sputtered out at like 5500 rpm or so... I thought this was odd so I talked to my sales guy at Pure and he asked if I had an N20 TMAP and sure as **** that was it. I was hitting 22lbs of boost according to my MHD logs and after that the car had no idea how high it was so I need to get an upgraded TMAP and a custom pro tune to really take advantage of this thing!

Thanks a ton!
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