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Default Help! MHD+JB4 Map7 Logs 👉**** Show - 05-08-2019, 05:33 AM

Hey Gang!

I hope to get some guidance on my Post-MHD/JB4BEF Settings I just MHD flashed my b58 with a JB4 BEF (ver.58/13/5 -- Map 7) and also flashed the TCU with x-hp (Stage 3).

I must be having substantial issues with my WMI and User-adjustable settings because I am experiencing the following:
  • Both transient & WOT are jerky—feels like throttle closures and I can hear the BOV opening when it happens.
  • Meth initiation is not consistent—sometimes it comes in on the gear (2nd) that I start logging, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • I can't maintain target boost
  • AFRs are dropping enough to sometimes trigger a 118002 error "Mixture too rich"
  • Overall, the car feels just as powerful and smooth as it did before the MHD

  • I live in Denver (5,500’ altitude)
  • These issues were not nearly as noticeable before switching to the MHD flash.
  • I have posted 3 WOT logs and 2 Transient Throttle Logs—both conditions are having the same issues but throttle closures are much more apparent on Transient...

2016 340i xDrive M sport Auto with 15K miles. MODS BELOW:
  • MHD & JB4 BEF (Map 7)
  • x-hp TCU FLash (Stage 3)
  • Running e40 (Verified) fuel
  • VRSF ***-less **
  • M Sport exhaust
  • Agency Power intake
  • BMS Stealth Meth kit (100% Meth —> DUAL BM7 Nozzles)