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Default 08-20-2019, 07:18 AM

Has anybody encountered any issues with the JB4 and motor plan?

I know its not detectable if removed, but a friend of mine spoke to one of the service guys at our local VW, and he said that under normal circumstances they dont look for any plug-and-play chips like this, but if a car comes in for any type of engine issue, they check the cars logs, and if they find it has been running outside of its design specs (higher torque, horsepower, etc), they know there has been some sort of chip, and they wont cover the fix under warranty/plan.

Our local VW and Audi dealership is part of the same building, run by the same people, so I presume the same would apply to my Audi.

Is there a way to clear these logs before taking it in? Is there an expiration date on them or do they get overwritten with more driving?

This is the only concern of mine that's stopping me from pulling the trigger on a JB4.

Racechip offers an engine warranty with their chip, which eliminates this problem - does Burger tuning offer something similar for South African buyers?
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