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Originally Posted by HoTnFunkYGTI
Hej George have been running the JB4 since March on a 2019 Polo GTI.
Have been using map3, tried map2 but there was some hesitation when doing full throttle pulls at around 5000 rpm. Iím running 100 octane.

I wouldnít say that Iím blown away, the engine definitely has more top end and does not die after 5K rpm. The engine sounds stronger/angrier and you have slightly more sound from the turbo. Have not dynoed the car, but subjective 100km/h - 200 km/h pulls have shaved about 4 secs off (18sec), which puts it on par with the Stock Golf GTI performance. So would guesstimate that Iím about 230 PS on map3 with OPF...

Mixing E85 15L with 25L Ron95 did make a noticeable difference.

How much does the OPF/GPF effect the power output? Did your development car have the OPF/GPF

Will you be able to make a dummy sensor for the OPF/GPF sensor so that the JB4 can fool the ECU into thinking the OPF/GPF is still there. Looking at 2019 OPF/GPF cars verses non OPF/GPF versions it seems like you would gain 30-50 PS/HP by removing the OPF/GPF

It would make business sense, since you JB4 customers will be able to make big gains if the opt to remove the OPF/GPF
I'm interested in this.

I have the same "problem" with my leon cupra 2019

Wanting to remove the GPF for more power
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