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Default 08-27-2018, 05:39 PM

Originally Posted by MasterYous
Is your only bolt-on that p1pe you mentioned? That is some good stuff there, for a basically stock car, if so.

I am on e20, 50/50 water/meth and additive 40 and having the stuttering /closures or misfiring (still not sure which it is) others have mentioned. At additive 30 all is well, but obviously I don't get the same power numbers you show at 40. I have seen a lot of split opinions on whether to keep the 50/50 mix or go 100% meth (safety concerns), as well as debates about nozzle size. My nozzles are the same size as yours.

Want to get to where you are. What are your other meth values for min/max RPM and your min flow boost? Have you modified any other meth values (trigger, etc?)
I'd honestly do staight 100% meth. I have meth trigger at 8psi.
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