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Originally Posted by trebila
lol, I wrote N54, because this is the majority of my customer's cars, of course I was talking about your S55.
just corrected the typo in my post.
and M4 or M3, engine is exactly the same, tuning is exactly the same, competition package or not..

I hope you'll get what you're looking for with another tuner.
My suggestion would be to be more careful with typos, especially when people are paying you good money. That's one easy way for your customers to question your knowledge and abilities.

Let's take Terry's professionalism as an example since you essentially use his BEFs as a baseline for your custom maps. He is much busier with business operations than a good majority of e-tuners out there, but when was the last time you seen him make a simple technical typo when responding to thousands of his customers?

Also, I did get what I want with another OTS tune by running a 10.953@127.13mph with 70% humidity. I believe the best run I was able to do with your BEFs was around 11.9 secs or higher all while limping to the finish line with just about every pass attempt. Having spent 2-3 months with your tune really made me feel like there was something wrong with my car, and was leaning towards replacing the coilpacks and injectors...

You don't have to take my word for it, but you're actually wrong about the ZCP vs non-ZCP differences, as well as, N54/N55 vs S55 tuning differences. However, I'll let you figure that part out on your own since you're the professional tuner (I'm not). Although, this probably explains why you couldn't figure out how the OEM burbles and start-up roar disappeared as soon as I flashed over to your BEFs. From what I recall, your resolution course was to point the finger at MHD settings and copying the BMS BEF values without success.

For the last time, I'll be writing a full review (have way too much info) of my tuning experience when I have the time.

2017 M3 ZCP
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