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Hey guys, I’m back. As a few of you know I had to remove my entire JB4 and WMI kit do to continuous CEL’s and running poorly. Terry checked out the JB4 and BCM modules and found no issues. With all BMS gear removed my car ran fine stock. I received the JB4 and BCM back from BMS and re-installed it, the car is running fine with no CEL’s and M1, M2 and M8 (Valet) are working. Now waiting to get the Fail Safe Box back after it clears testing so I can try the WMI again! The car is pulling hard, and spins the rear 305’s in 1st and 2nd but it’s not bad so not using the reduce boost by gear at the moment. When I get the FSB back and run the WMI probably have to turn that back on
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