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Originally Posted by LessIsMore
Looks like you may have had a misfire around rows 15 through 20. Timing was pulled, requested boost was pulled back, and AFR was momentarily pretty high.

You could check your plugs and gap, otherwise is probably just low octane. I would take some more logs on map 1 and see if the behavior continues or is consistent, and if so see if there might be a way to tune around it ... or move out of California so you can get decent gas.
I think I can explain that one...I was in manual shift mode and I hit the rev-limiter before I expected and didn't shift for what felt like 3 seconds . You can see the speed in MPH is stuck at 65 on those cells. I know on other cars, they retard timing and pull fuel once the limiter is reached, so I'm assuming the same for the Mercedes based on the data we see. I'll let some others chime in to see what the consensus is
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