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Default 08-19-2019, 11:39 AM

Originally Posted by LessIsMore
Mixed around 20% e85 into tank and logged map 3. Log attached. Temps were 88*F.

Trims look like they are maxxing at 44? Should I be concerned?
How does AFR look? Im not sure whats a healthy AFR to run on these cars.
Does the w205 JB4 have an AFR safety feature like the N54 does, if so what is threshold?

Want to be sure this log looks good before trying map 4 or higher E85 pct. mix.

Side note, Im impressed with how well the oem ATW intercoolers work! Just a few degree rise from 36- 86 mph on 88*F temps is great, even if it does start 30* over ambient.
That does look odd to me that trims are jammed at 44, but I’d like to know more about that parameter, as well.

Similarly, I’m also trying to find out what BMS is recommending for AFR. But, yours shows leaner than mine (although I think mine, in the 11’s, is potentially rich, but safe). Check out my map 2 log on post 185. Also my trims are in the mid 20’s.

Regarding your side note, check out my log for IAT’a went from 111 to 150, so you might have just gotten lucky with your low delta?
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