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Default Dealer issues with aftermarket intake - 05-29-2015, 10:50 AM

So I bring the car into the dealer because of the infamous F-series rattle that comes from the engine between 2500-3000 RPM and of course they tell me that the intake is not installed properly (this is my 3rd 335i, first F30). They blamed the rattle on the aftermarket intake and long story short they said there was nothing they can do adn their hands are tied because of BMW NA.

I then take out the intake and install the OEM intake. Went back a couple weeks later to the same service advisor and when I get there, he says I may have to pay 180.00 for diagnosis if BMW NA thinks the problem was due to aftermarket intake. The shop foreman even refused to diagnose the car. With the warranty still valid I do not see what the problem is. SA suggested I take the car to a different dealer that is not aware I had an aftermarket part on the car.

This frustrates me beyond belief, I have had turbos replaced under warranty WITH an aftermarket intake installed at that same exact dealership. Suddenly an intake is such a big issue with BMW.

Side note: Before I went to that dealership, I went to another dealership for the same issue and they, too, told me the intake was not installed properly and charged me 160.00 to install it "properly". Seems as though BMW likes to use that excuse a lot.

Will be taking the car to a different dealer next week, from what I have read, not much of a fix for this rattle issue. For a 50k+ car this is ridiculous. Problem started before I even installed the aftermarket intake, when I first got the car.
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