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Originally Posted by maddog
I would really love to see many of these features (possibly where we can add gauges and set our own min and max settings)

I would also like to see the traditional pressure gauge that measures pressure in the manifold, instead of just positive boost.

Lastly, i noticed that the gear gauge only goes up to 6 for me (i have the 8 speed auto). I recently bought my Jb4 and recently applied the latest firmware.

PS. I really love the convenience of the app. I have an aftermarket Android touchscreen (that replaces the original BMW screen) and i'm using the USB cable to it. It works pretty well (although on rare occasion, i get an error about invalid map selection on app startup)..

**2014 BMW F30 N20 328i EWG ***
I attached a pic of my screen with the app
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** 2014 BMW F30 N20 328i EWG **
** JB4 **

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