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Default would love to see many of these features - 09-10-2019, 05:40 AM

Originally Posted by k1kote
Hi, I have several recommendations and good things to implement that could be useful, I hope it's the right thread to post this.

-User Adjustment in the 2nd tab
-The gauges show the highest and/or lowest values ​​reached, example:
*Maximum temperature reached
*IAT minimum temperature reached
-In the case of Boost that shows the frozen Boost peak for 1 second
-Add the variables of "cylinder timing correction" and "misfire count" that can be seen in the VW using the Polarfis, mainly to see them in the log
-More themes and especially one of needles more sober than "Needle Fill"
-The shift light has to be yellow very visible, not red
-To be able to see the logs in metric unit (km/h and C)
-Programmable visual and audible alerts, example:
*In AFR if the target is 12, outside 11.5 and 12.5 of a visual and/or audible alert only if the X% pedal is
*In Water Temp and Oil Temp above X temperature the gauge appears with a red background
-A map for safe driving that loads no more than 7 psi
-When you leave a log, be selected to know which one you left
-When save changes in User Adjustment the legend that the changes were saved does not appear above the tabs
-Support different languages, I would like Spanish
-Bug: when you are in the list of choosing which variable to see in a gauge, but you go back without choosing a different one, it does not return to the gauges but it shows the Display tab selected but shows the Settings
I would really love to see many of these features (possibly where we can add gauges and set our own min and max settings)

I would also like to see the traditional pressure gauge that measures pressure in the manifold, instead of just positive boost.

Lastly, i noticed that the gear gauge only goes up to 6 for me (i have the 8 speed auto). I recently bought my Jb4 and recently applied the latest firmware.

PS. I really love the convenience of the app. I have an aftermarket Android touchscreen (that replaces the original BMW screen) and i'm using the USB cable to it. It works pretty well (although on rare occasion, i get an error about invalid map selection on app startup)..

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